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17 June 2008 @ 06:58 pm
Pelicans and Videos!  
Well I just arrived back from a short trip to Sydney with my mum. Had a great couple of days! Went to see Billy Elliot, took a visit to Taronga Zoo and saw the funniest demented pelican of all time. Lol, his name was Marney and he reminded me of a unruly puppy when your trying to train them. What else? Took a nice walk around the rocks, saw the harbour, went over to Manley and caught up with my hubby! (Kelly from my Contiki trip) Man it was good to see her again, it was just like old times. I'm gonna have to try catch up with some more people.

On a similar note, I have finished my Contiki music video a while back, but figured I should have a link to it somewhere so here it is: Here

And on another note, I have just come across the videos of humansrsuperior. Just let me say... OMG! I want to be able to vid like that! I haven't got around to watching them all yet, but from what I've seen, they are amazing. She even does life on mars videos! I have hardly seen any LOM vids, anyone have any other good ones they can point me in the direction of? My favourite of HRS has to be the doctor who ones though. Memorable mentions go to 'My one Mistake'. 'Partners in Crime' and my personal favourite video of all time 'All to Dust' (Link here:vid I absolutely LOVE this video

Oh and speaking of Dr Who, Loved the latest episode I am also slightly giddy with excitement for next week.