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08 March 2010 @ 06:21 pm
Awesome Days  
I have just had an amazing couple of last days. It all started on Thursday morning when I flew out to Sydney to go stay with my friend Kelly up there. Had nothing really to do, so I took a couple of buses to Bondi Beach for a couple of hours to walk around and watch the surfers (and the life guards)then headed into the city down around circular quay to have a walk around the harbour/Opera House/Botanical Gardens.

Friday was pretty uneventful during the day but late afternoon Kelly and I met up with Stella and one of her friends then headed over to Manly for something to eat, then over to the Quarantine Station for a ghost tour. It was alright, guide wasn't that great but it was still fun. Really didn't like one of the rooms. It freaked me out!

Saturday was epic. Stargate Convention! Guests included: Christopher Judge, Dan Shea, Conner Trinneer, David Nykl, Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Gigi Edgley(Farscape), David Blue and *drum roll please* Richard Dean Anderson!!!
Can I just say OMFG! It was beyond cool. Chris and Dan took off their shirts and were doing bare knuckle push ups on stage (SOOooo Hot) Dan in general is just the funniest guy ever. He cracked me up continuously. Loved David Nykl and Conner too. David Blue was cute, he's such a fan boy himself. And of course RDA... what can I say, it was so cool. He seems just like O'Neill its funny. Completely hopeless at trivia from the show but still entertaining. Spent a fortune but still had a good time. Kelly picked me up for Mexican and icecream at Bondi, then we caught Shutter Island at her local cinema. (That movie is weird and messed up... but good)

Sunday was huge as well too. Had to be at the airport by 7.30am. Got back to Adelaide, went home then had to go out play a cricket match despite the crappy weather. Was completely hopeless cause I'm sick with a chest infection and couldn't run without gasping for breath. We lost the game as usual (I am officially declaring myself to be the most useless player on our team) then after that home in time for a shower then was off to the city with my friend Anna to see Frank Woodley at the Fringe... Was funny as Hell! Went out after for desert after. Great night.

As a result am doing absolutely nothing on this public holiday Monday. Slept in till noon and am just soaking in the awesomeness that has been the last few days.
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