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06 July 2010 @ 03:52 pm
Ten and Rose Video  
Wow I have just noticed how long ago I posted a Who video... quite a while
Now I have watched the latest season of who and I gave the new cast a go and have since decided that I shall remain vidding Ten's journey through time and space. Dont get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who doesnt like it purely cause Tennant has gone, on the contrary, I can honnestly say that Amy and Rory are my favourite companions to date and some of the stories I really liked. Having said that I still cant warm to Matt Smith. He just doesnt really seem to actually DO anything untill the last 2 episodes. Ahhh well, hopefully it is just a phase, but for now I present more Ten goodness!

Title: Valentines Day
Music: Linkin Park
Made by: OBFreak
Genre: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose
Seasons: 2-4
Summary: A Story of lives lived and lives lost and how we don't always realise how special some people are until they are no longer in our lives.
Length: 3.04
File details: AVI - 46.8 MB


Or Alternatively you can watch it at youtube Here

Comments Always welcome
johnsheppardluv: dt the squeejohnsheppardluv on July 6th, 2010 08:40 pm (UTC)
I feel the exact same way that you do about Matt and the current Who incarnaton/Team TARDIS, Ob! :)

To me, he's just NOT The Doctor. He's still just The Pretender, even now, a full series in. I love Rory and Amy though. They have "great character amd companion" written all over BOTH of them. :D And it anngers me the fact that Karen and the guy playing Rory are sooo good (esdpecially for their ages: early 20s), but Matt is sooooooo bad (especially since he's older than the others and supposedly has hasd much more experience then they've had as well). *sigh*

DAVID never had this problem, nor did Chris, for that matter. They both grappled with the role and had it nailed by the end of their first hours. And, if not then, then they had 'em nailed even before that. Chris had me at "Nice to meet you, Rose. Now, run for your life!" And David had me at "Did you miss me? *smirky grin*" (although I LOVED his opening speech during the Children in Need "Born Again/Pudsey Cutaway" scene about having a mole in between his shoulder blades.

Matt had me at...well, nothing yet (although his opening speech to himself at the very end of "the end of time, part 2" was pretty funny at times and DOES get an honorable mention). But from that quick January moment till now, and it's been THIRTEEN hours since then, there's been nothing else! :( *sigh* *is losing hope for matt-series-2.0 already*

Anyhoo - onto more happier things - namely, your vid. This here newest creation of yours was completely and utterly awesome! :D You've captured the very esscence of Happy/Angsty!Ten (and his relationship with - and subsequent loss of - Rose) quite brilliantly! :) And I love your song choice as well! The lyrics and clips and even the tempo ALL matched up perfectly. :D Bravo! :D:D:D *claps heartily*

And the start and end of this was bloody magnificent as well! :) Him looking in tense walking from the pyre and into the viewer's face vs. him walking away without looking back at us - intersperced with the final passionate ten (2)/rose kiss...Huzzah! :D Mood activated; mood felt exponentially 'till heart is practically hammering in tune to the music and with the various shots of ten and rose. *is thrilled!* :D *hugs you*

~your pal,
Sharma :)
obfreakobfreak on July 7th, 2010 09:16 am (UTC)
Ahhh Sharma
How I have missed you so! How ya been? I love reading your comments, thanks so much for taking the time to write to me :D

Hahaha I love your recap of moments, The first episode I saw with Chris was the WW2 two-parter (I forget what they are called)and he had me at the line "GO TO YOUR ROOM... I'm so glad that worked, they would have been terrible last words"
David had me at "Is that what I am now, rude? Rude and not ginger"
There the 'fish custard' moment in the first episode where I thought Matt had me, but they followed it up the next week with a useless doctor and it has been sucky ever since. It seems like the writers have been focussing on the companions too much and not on the doctor, it always seems to be Amy who is the hero of the day and not the doctor... I keep imagining how cool it would have been to have a Amy/Rory/Ten season but I digress...

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it. I have been so slack, I have 2 more Who ones almost done and 1 I am absolutely in love with, my fav video to date; problem is I dont know how to finish it!
Thanks again Sharma, good hearing from ya mate
johnsheppardluv: dt the all hailjohnsheppardluv on July 8th, 2010 12:02 am (UTC)
Awww, thanks, OB! I like being missed and I'm glad that my comments still make you happy as well. It makes me feel wanted. *grin* :D I've missed YOU lots as well though! *hugs* :)

As for your question? I'm doing ok, I suppose. Just trying to get a job, now that college has been done and completed for quite a while now: a calendar year and a half, to be exact.

How about YOU though? How's life going in the Land Down Under? I'm still planning to move on down there, by the by. Just need to save up the the money. *sigh* And suddenly gain a natural version of that local awesome-as-applesauce accent you guys all employ too. *small lol*

The fish custard thing was actually kinda funny, but it also squicked me enough so that I thought Brits ate that odd pudding-fish-stick combo for real. And yep the second ep was truly the one that turned me off as well, though the 3rd didn't help things either. *sigh*

I too think that a TEN/Amy/Rory trifecta would have been waaaaay more "FABULOUS!" than the curent team. All three were/are quite capable of being awaesome and have had many occasions to shine, individually AND within a group or pair. Eleven? Not so much. Instead, he's painted as an awkward puppy: well-meaning maybe, but ultimately useless, on his own.

Can you imagine what an Alone!Eleven episode would be like? It would be be Eleven sitting down in a dark corner of the TARDIS crying and pouting about how he WAS a grown-up...to himself. ;) And I mean it would be an HOUR straight of that. *lol* And then, just at the last second he weould stand up and do something grown up, like I dunno save the day, only to fudge it up worse than it was before. Ten was Mr. Fix-it. Eleven's more like Mr. F**k-it-Up (makes it worse) OR Mr. Status Quo (doesn't change anything, so it's not worse OR better for ANYONE involved). *lol*

Oh, well. There's always Twelve. ;) Although I really hope Herr Moff is gone by then too, as I think the majority of the writing is blowin' chunks as well. It's all lookin' and soundin' VERY kiddie-ish AND fake these days. It's off-putting. *sigh*

Anyhoo - you are perfectly welcome for the feedback. 'Cuz you totally deserved every positive word I said of your vid, during the course of my initial comment...and then some. :D

YOU'VE been slacking though? I hadn't noticed. ;) Mainly cuz I have not made a new vid since Christmas 2007. That's right; it's been almost 4 years since my last one. *wails in despair* To be fair, up to that point, I HAD made 12 vids in a pretty quick 1.5 year span (11 full & 1 2-minute mini: 5 SGA, 3 Dresden Files, 3 Harry/Ginny, & 1 Nathan Fillion combo character vid).

So, rest assured, my friend; you are most definitely NOT slacking off, by ANY stretch of the imagination. :)

Recently, I got attacked by a triplet set of HUGE bunnies for Doctor Who vids myself, back in late 2008 to mid 2009 (two Ten ones that I was going to respectively set to Hoobastank's "Running Away" & Crossfade's "Why"...AND a Ten/Donna one that I was going set to the Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody"). But, every time I sat down to actually work on any of them, my vid muse spontaneously skadaddled the coop.

But, "YAY!" for you! :D You have two more Whovian vids of your own in the works? VERY VERY NIIICE! :) Can I ask what songs you chose for them? Are you stickin' with some more Linkin Park? And what characters or pairings are you're spotlighting in them? And yay also for one of these newewst projects being your new fave self-created vid! That's really exciting! :D And I can hardly wait to see it, be it in one form or another, mate! *mondo hugs*

And on that note? Onto your bit of vid-block. You know, you could always send/show me what you have so far, right? Or you can just describe them to me, as they are, and tell where you want or are trying to go with them. Who knows? Maybe I could/can give you some idea(s) on how to finish them? :S And I'd be quite glad to do so. :)

~your pal, Sharma
(yep, again) ;)
obfreakobfreak on July 8th, 2010 12:53 am (UTC)
Wow that is a long reply :D
I know what you mean with the whole looking for a job thing. I finished uni at the end of last year and am now a fully qualified teacher with nowhere to teach :(
So for now I'm still working at my little camping store and relief teaching when and where I can (which isn't heaps)

Ooooh you should so come down! I would say its way warmer, but probably not so much at the moment, it has been freezing! Where about's do you want to move to? Actually I have been having a really crap year so far. 2010 is really NOT the year I was hoping it would be. Hoping it will start turning around though. I am going away to South America for 2 and a half months in September with a friend to get away from it all, so hopefully things will start looking up!

HAHAHAHA Emo!Doctor. Love it! Actually I can imagine him sitting in a corner rocking, trying to solve a Rubik cube whilst having a conversation with himself.

Yeah I agree with ya about the writing too, I didn't mind a Moffat episode now and then, but a whole season of it... And YES! Its like he's tried to target the kids rather than the family. WTF is with the new looking Darlek's? I've got used to the new Tardis and screwdriver, but I will NEVER get used to those.

I do have new vids and no I am trying not to vid to Linkin Park anymore cause I seem to have gotten stuck on them (Having said that there is currently an almost finished Life on Mars vid to one of their songs, but I'm not counting that cause i started it over a year ago) I have instead been using Aussie bands and singers.
The first one (which will be finished next probaby) is a Ten/Rose vid again to the song 'the last day on eath' by Kate miller-heidke and the other (my fav) is just a Ten vid to the song 'hard act to follow by' Grinspoon. Such a cool song and I've got clips of the doctor messing around and having fun (a change to all my angsty ones lately :P

Thanks for the offer, I may just have to do that to get some ideas. I just dont know how to do the last quarter or so. Well more accurately I dont know what clips to use. I'm still working on it. I haven't given up on it yet and Im determined to keep it out of my "failed folder"

Thanks again Sharma!
johnsheppardluv: dt the uncontrollably laughingjohnsheppardluv on July 8th, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
Long reply is long, OB. *lol* ;)

Job though? Yep. I'm in practically the same boat as you, as I am a fully qualified English/creative writing major with no place to write (at least not for money).

I'm in North America, so you and your friend could TOTALLY swing up and visit me. Right? ;) After all, once you're in South America (Which country are you going to be visiting? Brazil? Argentina? Chile? None of the above?), we would at last & at least be in the same hemisphere as each other. *grin*

Anyhoo, to be specific (since ALL of Australia seems soooooooo super-duper-cool to me), I am currently checking out the likes of Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, and Sydney, to get myself a crash pad, if nothing else. And yep, I DO know none of these cities are near to one another or even on the same coast, but go figure. *lol* D'ya have any other, more off-the-beaten-path city suggestions though? :S *eyes and "ears" pique up*

Unfortunately, 2010 hasn't been the greatest year for me either, though for somewhat different reasons. Got threatened with getting kicked out over something really stupid and petty. Then, all my awesome summer trip plans were dashed by a broken car that no one in my friend's family has the money to fix. (I can't drive, so some people were coming to see ME and take me gallavanting to Boston and NYC WITH THEM, only they didn't know beforehand that the car was broken.) And then, of course, there was the end of Ten, an event that colored the very start of my year a definite angsty blue. :(

But, yep, I think Eleven might try the Rubik cube since he THINKS he's a genius, but he would quickly totally fail at it. Just sayin'. ;) So, he'd be sitting there a loooooooooooooooong time, yes, maybe even longer than my reply last time. *grin* Try a hundred years. Or 'til he reaches insanity. Whichever comes first. ;)

Both of your upcoming vids sound tres tres awesome though, even more so now that I know of your particular intent for them. So, yay for that! *happy smile* I especially love the song you chose for your Fun!Ten (aka your new fave) vid. Grinspoon is a band that is RIGHT up THAT Doctor's quirky alley, for sure, especially the song of theirs that you chose, because the sentiment of the title alone already rings sooooooo true and accurately: DT/Ten, for many people, IS still a hard act to follow... :D

And the offer I made to you is a standing one. So, even if it's a few weeks (or months or more) down the line, I don't and won't mind. :) Just send the vid in question or a link to it to me at orangetabby2003@yahoo.coom, and I could easily send you some feedback on it or them within the hour (or sooner). :)

No problemo, OB. Again, I'd be glad to be of service! :) And you're terrifically welcome. :D

*mondo hugs*

~your pal, Sharma (again...again) ;)
obfreakobfreak on July 8th, 2010 06:14 am (UTC)
Haha I'd love to come up but I dont think it will be this year unfortunately. My friend is on a very tight schedule :/
We start in Brazil and work our way across through Argentina, Bolivia and go up through Peru and finish in Ecuador where we will 'finally' enter the Northern Hemisphere again :P Almost on the same continent...

As for Oz, Well I've been everywhere except Perth and can say my fav place to visit is probably Sydney (It is where my traveling friend lives) Having said that I dont know if I would like to live there, it is friken expensive! Most of the places along the east coast are. Brisbane and the Gold Coast are cool but again very expensive to live there. Cant stand Melbourne personally, but even there is expensive. The other cities are a lot cheaper. I would stay away from Darwin too. I hear Perth is fantastic, the only problem is that it is over the other side of the country. A good 6-8 hours flight from the East coat cities (where most of the touristy things are) Adelaide is pretty good. That's where I live. I've been told it's a lot like Perth actually. The good thing about here is that we arent too far away from things. An hours flight to Melbourne, 2 or 3 to Sydney. You can drive most places in a day or two (maybe not Darwin and Perth that would take longer) It is a lot bigger than it looks that's for sure. Well there's some thinking for ya, there are heaps of little towns all over the place, places like Mount Gambier which is kind of in between Adelaide and Melbourne but the bigger cities are more interesting. (I say big cities, but Adelaide only has a population of about a 1.1million, not very big compared to some in the states that's for sure).

You know Grinspoon? How cool! Yeah I thought that song fit perfectly. Its not very technical with the editing, but it has been fun making. Yeah for sure! will send you a link sometime for sure! :D Thanks
johnsheppardluv: dt the jb hug of con '09johnsheppardluv on July 8th, 2010 08:16 am (UTC)
Oh, well, OB. Maybe next time then? :D After all, almost into NA is better than not close at all. :)

But, golly, that's quite the itinerary you guys have got going on! 5 countries! So about 2 weeks in each then? Just enough time to see stuff, but not enough time to wear out your welcome, so-to-speak. *lol* :D Smart move, at any rate. :) Tight schedule though? Is this a WORKING vacation for your friend or something?

And yaaaaay! Thanks for giving me the skinny on the different Aussie cities. :D *hugs you in appreciation* Adelaide sounds perfect then, though to be fair, I hail from a CAPITOL "city" that's only about 240 thousand strong in total (Richmond, Virginia, to be exact). And A LOT of those are transient college kids, ones who come for fall and winter and are gone in the springs and summers. So, Adelaide and its 1.1 million count is triple the population of MY hometown, and is therefore more than plenty big enough for me.

And, to be honest, I actually have little to no interest in Melbourne myself. But, if you don't mind me asking or yourself answering, why DO YOU NOT like it there? Aside from the expense factor, that is...Were all the people there snobs? Or was it a violent, ghetto-filled place? Or was it something else? :S

And yep, Grinspoon and me go waaaaaaaaay back. *lol* My brother first listened to them, back when he was in high school. And I got semi-hooked on them as well back then. I just love their slinky, chunky bar band kind of sound and quick lyrical dexterity. :D Plus, the lead singer in the band is HELLA HOT & SEXY as well. I'm just sayin'. ;) *wink*

And, lastly, you are once again perfectly welcome to my standing offer. :) Huzzah! *sends more huggles*

~your pal,
Sharma :D
obfreakobfreak on July 8th, 2010 02:13 pm (UTC)
Well I suppose I am a little biased towards Melbourne if I am honest. Adeladians (or RADeladians as we like to call ourselves) and Victorians have a huge rivalry, mainly over AFL (Australian Football) So we dont like them for that. Victoria is alright, I just cant stand Melbourne. It is really busy and badly planned. They have WAY too many trams so it feels like your living under a net, they're traffic lights are too low and it just seems dirty I suppose. The city is very poorly designed (2nd main city in the country I suppose it is to be expected). I HATE driving there with a passion and will avoid it at all cost. There are plenty of places outside Melbourne which are nice but *shivers*
As for the crime, Melbourne has had some trouble with the underground, in the last 20 years or so, but so has Sydney. Adelaide is often known as the Murder capital of Aus, yet all the killers are usually from Victoria/Melbourne... Go figure, lol
Even then we're talking about pretty low numbers. I feel very safe living in this city and this country, I'm pretty lucky. We have no guns for one thing! You crazy Americans and your gun laws. No offence but why dont you just ban them? You wouldn't need a gun as protection from guns if there were no guns to start off with! *shakes head*
johnsheppardluv: shep the intense!johnsheppardluv on July 8th, 2010 05:15 pm (UTC)
I hate guns with every inch of my being and then some! They definitely cause more trouble than they're worth. So, your you crazy Americans comment should ONLY be directed at the hicks and the Republicans, NOT at ALL of us. For I'm neither a hick nor a member of that backwoods, backwards-moving political party. And I also have never and will never own a gun. Nor do any of my folks, be they immediate family or extended ones.

In fact. I'm an Urban-Suburban Democrat, and have always been this. And we Democrats actually DO WANT gun bans. But, the stupid Republicans keep blocking our efforts. *shakes fist at them stupid, illogical NRA type of people - who are the real ones you are talking about* *wishes they would go and get their own country somewhere else and F**K THAT up and leave ours alone!* *sigh*

So, please DO NOT for one more second believe that ALL Americans are crazy or that we all own and carry guns around and shoot things with them for sport or any other reason, just because a few of the in-bred ones do. 'Cuz we are definitely NOT aaalllll like that!

But - if you recall - the last time we banned something nationwide - it was alcohol during the Prohibition era. And as you know from the history books, the ban did nothing to actually get rid of the stuff. Instead, they simply smuggled the stuff in, ala Al Capone, from Canada, and got their groove on illegally. So, who's to say that the same thing won't happen if we ban guns the same kind of way??? Meaning guns will still get in (only maybe from Mexico, instead of Canada this time); they'll just be going through illegal channels, which means the government's log and permit system - the only way to accurately track guns - would be completely bypassed. :( So, basically, we'd be screwed either way, you know? :S

Anyhoo - Thanks for the input about the Aussie city rivalry. I had a feeling it was sports-related. *lol* Is it the soccer or the rugby kind of football though? :S

~your pal,
Not!Crazy!Sharma :D
(Deleted comment)
obfreakobfreak on July 8th, 2010 12:59 am (UTC)
Hey HRS!
Cheers mate :P
And no I haven't, which may explain. I should probably go do that at some stage...
Thanks for your feedback, always good to hear from ya and I'm so glad to hear you liked it and that you plan on keeping it! That's just the ultimate praise alone :D
Yeah that ending was a very last minute thing. So glad I changed it though, cause it looked very 'meh' before hand.

For some reason I cant get out of Ten/Rose! Would love to do some different characters but I just don't have any ideas really. They will come to me one day I'm sure.
Thanks again for the feedback!
Alice: Rose +Ten Running Down The Streetalice_owo on July 8th, 2010 05:41 am (UTC)
OMG. This was absolutely amazing!! :D Fantastic video.
You showed all the angst moments of Ten and then the fun times he had with Rose so well. I loved how you included the part where Rose broke away from the lever and Ten lost her. ):
Your editing was also fantastic. Great job bub.
obfreakobfreak on July 8th, 2010 04:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much!
So glad you liked it :D Oh and thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. :D
a girl who knew how to be happy even when sad: light up the skysgmajorshipper on July 9th, 2010 03:41 pm (UTC)
Wow! This vid is so sad, but still shows all the good, fun times they did have. The perfect mix of bittersweet and angsty. Love it!!
obfreakobfreak on July 11th, 2010 07:30 am (UTC)
Thank you!
I was really hoping to capture the good times as well as the bad. Thanks so much for the feedback, glad you liked it