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Okay, so my life in a nutshell, should be simple enough.
I'm a 20ish year old gal from Adelaide, Australia.

I'm a fan of the Stargate Universe and most British TV shows. Particular mention to Dr Who, which is just legendary. Also I big fan of Lie to me at the moment and Bones is also fun to watch.

As Actors go, cant go part the adorable David Tennant. Also a big fan of Tim Roth, John Simm and Robert Downey Jr.

As a result of these obsessions, I'm really into drawing and putting together music videos. All of which I like to show off to anyone who's interested, so with that I hope people like them.

Feel free to rec any vids you like, I love it when I get comments back, so the more the merrier. If you want to friend me, that's fine too.

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